Tubing Conveyed Perforating

Washita Valley Enterprises, Inc  has recently added Tubing Conveyed Perforating (TCP) and Packer product lines to go with our existing services for tubing reclamation and inspection. We have acquired some of the most proven TCP and Packer tools on the market and combined that with Product Line Management that holds over a decade of experience running TCP globally.   We would love the opportunity to bid on your next TCP or Packer job and show you what we can offer. 


Ball Drop Firing System

Designed for horizontal coiled tubing applications, this BHA consists of a hydraulic–actuated (ball drop) firing head and perforating gun followed by a 6-minute pyrotechnic sequential delay firing head and perforating gun. Each subsequent gun is paired with a 6-minute sequential delay, allowing time for the BHA to be moved to the next perforating depth.

Pressure Firing System

An alternate design for use with jointed pipe in horizontal wells when coiled tubing cannot reach total depth, this BHA uses tubing to space out between perforating guns. Each assembly consists of tubing joints, a ported sub, a pressure-actuated firing head, and gun. A large number of these assemblies can be run at one time. If the formation cannot maintain pressure integrity upon perforating, pyrotechnic delay firing heads can be used in place of the pressure actuated firing heads.

Bar Drop Firing System

Designed for traditional/vertical applications and underbalanced perforating, this BHA consists of a ported debris sub, tubing joint, safety mechanical firing head, and perforating gun(s). This can be run as a Shoot & Pull or Permanent completion. Alternate and/or redundant firing heads include pressure actuated or pyrotechnic delay. This BHA can be configured as an open or closed system and used with an auto-release firing device or mechanical tubing release.

A full complement of firing, venting/circulating, and releasing tools with a 30 year successful run history are available. Fit for purpose solutions that meet customer specific needs can be provided.

Packer Services

Washita Valley currently provides:

           Production Packers

           Squeeze Packers

           Casing Testing

           Hole Hunting

           Acid Stimulation Isolation