While WVEI strives to be a leader in providing quality services, the health and safety of our employees and the environment are our primary focus.

WVEI maintains an aggressive EHS compliance department and works hand in hand with our customers to ensure that the work performed on site is done safely, for the sake of our employees, as well as those of our customers and other contractors. Additionally, while performing work in the field we take whatever steps necessary to ensure that we work cleanly and efficiently, leaving our customer’s location cleaner than when we first arrived.

All WVEI locations have a safety coordinator who maintains safety as a top priority. WVEI stays up to date with the EPA and DEQ regulations of local government and federal mandates concerning yard compliance.

WVEI also subscribes to ISNetworld®, Ariba®, PEC, and Avetta.

Quality Control

WVEI leads the industry in quality assurance management and quality control support. Our quality management team provides extensive certification and leadership training for our inspectors to ensure compliance within API, DS-1® and other industry standards.

Our Quality Assurance (QA) Team performs auditing and improvement of processes, root cause analysis, failure reports, NCR (CARS & PARS), OFI, KPI, data analysis, and document review. The QA Team also focuses on identification and control of risk, management of change (MOC), and contingency planning.

Our Quality Control (QC) Team is involved with the verification of product deliverables against the agreed upon requirements, testing, calibration verifications, requirement verifications, and end user acceptance. WVEI’s QC Team works in the field alongside inspectors, rig contractors, and the E&P companies.